Skin Care After 50

With my 50th birthday recently passing I have done much research into skin care after 50 and here are some great guidelines!

Here are some tips:

Your skin becomes drier as you age, so drink plenty of water! Hydrate yourself from the inside out. There is no substitute for water – it’s your first line of defense.

Most importantly: EAT HEALTHY FOODS: What you put in is what you get out. If you eat greasy foods often, your skin will reflect that. Be sure to eat fruits and vegetables like carrots and peppers high in vitamins, especially in Vitamin C to enrich the complexity of your skin. You can’t forget to also eat your greens and fishes they are just as important!

Use a great moisturizer. More expensive doesn’t always mean more effective, just be sure you choose a moisturizer that works well for you. Use moisturizer on both your face and body every day and night.

Don’t forget sunscreen! Sun damage will do more to make you look old than just about anything. Use at least an SPF15.

Consider using specially made anti wrinkle or anti aging creams.

Anti-Aging Skin Care Products – Do They Really Work?

We don’t like to see the effects of aging on our skin. We stand in front of our mirrors examining our faces for new lines and uneven skin tone. We notice that our skin is losing its elasticity. We panic and head straight for the drugstore beauty aisle, or the makeup counter at our favorite department store in search of a miracle product – something to reverse the tell-tale signs of aging.

But do anti-aging products for seniors really work? The answer is yes. Especially for those of us who are over 50. Here are some guidelines to keep in mind when seeking the perfect anti-aging products:

More costly doesn’t always mean better. That’s not to say that the expensive products don’t work. It just means that the less expensive ones probably will too.

Identify your specific problems. Lines and wrinkles, loss of elasticity, uneven skin tone or dark circles under the eyes are all problems reported as we get older. Purchase products that are made to work on your specific complaints.

Give the products time to work.Nothing is going to work overnight. You might want to read product information or reviews to see how quickly you can expect to see results.

It is possible to find younger and healthier looking skin with the help of anti-aging skin care products. There’s an anti-aging product out there that is right for you!

With the right skin care regimen you can make your skin look great and healthy at any age!


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Great Tips For Long Lasting Makeup!


1. Foundation

A base of Face Primer under your foundation will ensure that the foundation stays for a long time. Always see that the foundation match’s your skin color perfectly. Blend it properly throughout the face. If the color is not right then the foundation does not blend properly with the skin color. Also you could add a dot of shimmer cream into the foundation before applying for extra glow or shine. There are glow gels available in the market, which helps the foundation to stay all day long.

2. For dark circles

The easiest way to hide them is apply the opposite color from the color applied as base. Also you could apply light pink shadow in case you have darkness, which is gray. Make sure the eye shadow color is light in shade and matte. Use a soft eye shadow brush to dust lightly over the dark circle.

3. Concealer

Concealer is easier to use when you have the perfect shade. For the concealer to stay for a longer time mix the concealer shade with a drop of foundation and then apply. This will also make your skin tone appear in even shade.

The basic trick is to always apply foundation and then blot the foundation to remove oil. Then set with pressing powder to keep the make up on for a long time.

4. Powder

Never apply too much powder, as it will make your skin sweat and also appear oily. So apply lightweight oil free powder, which does not make you sweat a lot.

5. Blush

Apply blush with a brush that is the size of the apple of your cheek for perfect application. Slowly blend back the blush towards the temple. When you done applying, take a clean sponge to blend and remove the excess. Make sure not to apply too much of blush make it look natural.

In case you have applied too much, slightly dampen a sponge and clean off as much as you can. You can either use moisturizer or water on the sponge, which will remove the excess color.

6. Long Lasting Lipstick

For the lipstick to last all day, applies a lip base or chapstick, then powder your lips before applying lip pencil filling. Also if you have crack then, apply foundation on your lips first then the lipstick. The foundation helps to fill in cracks to form an even base. After applying lipstick remove the excess by blotting. Once finished, apply a light coat of lip-gloss, if desired in the middle of the bottom lip right before you walk out the door.

7. Eyebrows

Incase you have light eyebrows, brush and fill with shades that are one or two shades lighter than your natural eyebrow color. Use a toothbrush afterwards for more natural look. If you want you eyes to glow use a shine gel to set your eyebrows.

8. Eye Makeup

An eyelid primer is a great way to ensure that your eye makeup lasts really long. Follow it with eye shadow. After doing your eyebrow apply a soft shimmering cream or white on your brow bone, and inner corners of you’re eyes, both above and below the lashes. This highlights your eyes. Take mascara and an eyeliner brush to lightly line the eye with the mascara. Make sure you use waterproof mascara and curl your lashes.

For touch up during the day, carry a little bit of your loose powder and press into a powder puff. Store it in a zip lock bag along with gloss. This will help you with touch ups during the day.


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Ms. Hoffman, 30, is keeping her name. She graduated from Villanova and received a law degree from Ave Maria School of Law in Ann Arbor, Mich. She is a daughter of Linda Jean Hoffman and Bryan K. Hoffman of Yonkers.

Mr. Glod Jr., 35, graduated from the University of Texas and received a Ph.D. in philosophy from Tulane. He is the son of Bonnie Weber Glod and Mr. Glod Sr., of Denton, Tex.

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