Success Stories

Linda Gallo Make Up Artist Testimonials

“I’ve been to many weddings, and Linda was hands-down the best make-up artist who has ever done my make-up. She was prompt, professional, enthusiastic, and fun, and she did an absolutely amazing job on me and my bridal party. My friends and family have never looked so good! All of them said that they’d call Linda in a heartbeat to do their own weddings, and that they’d recommend her to their friends. Her style is really natural; it really didn’t look like we were wearing much make-up. Instead, we just looked our best – both in-person and in the pictures. I could tell that she really cared about making my wedding special. Thanks to Linda and her assistant, getting primped for my wedding was a blast and I felt gorgeous the whole night. I couldn’t have asked for a better make-up artist on my wedding day.”
- Melissa